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IJMB means Interim Joint Matriculation Board. Is a federal government program that is being supervised by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Before, it’s only program used by students to gain admission into Nigerian universities, before federal government comes up with JAMB. But now, we can say IJMB is a program to set up to put an ease to students admission difficulties, as it’s easier to gain admission with it, than JAMB.
IJMB is just like your WAEC, NECO, GCE because these are all external exams.The major difference is that while these other Examinations are Ordinary level Examinations, IJMB Examination is an Advanced Level Examination, with similar syllabus to the related subject in the University 100 Level. That is why you have to choose good centres, that do follow the syllables and the lecturers that have gone through IJMB before. Passing it will require you studying your books and attending lectures under qualified lecturers. What I mean is, when you fail to read your book and attend classes, you will fail it – no doubt about that. When you find it easy to read despite the need to go on the social media ( ie.2go, facebook, whatapps, tweeter and others) and you decided to read. Then you are on the right track.
Yes, it’s an Approved Private Study Centre, registered with Co-orprate Affairs Commision (CAC) RC: 1214478.
Please send all your complaints to this email or 08030722758 or 08098721010, we will reply you as early as possible.
Well, I promise you will never see reason to stop the program, except of course, if you have seen another higher level of promises. Since you have known me to always be sincere with you, NO AMOUNT OF MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED, if you decided to quit the program at any level or you committed a crime, you will be sent home. All the school rules will be given to you as soon as you step to the centre.
No, is never being promise. But we will do our best to give all you need for the success of your examination.
Well, no one will tell you this except me, why I’m telling you this? Many of our students came to meet me when they were asked to pay #12,000 for the “exam charge” last year. It happened the previous year too, then it was #10,000. They have always being a hidden charge when the exam is just a month or three weeks to the exam, but we can’t add it to school fees (because we will spend it, and the truth is, it is for exam). I promise no other place you be told until the exam comes so near. And they may even tell you, no other charges except the school fees now. It has alway being between #10,000 and #15,000, it can never be more than that.
IJMB is a 6 to 9 month programme usually running between April/May and end by February every year When does Registration Usually StartedA. IJMB registration for the next session usually started between November/December every year
Well, if”s just the two or one of the two you don’t have in your Ordinary certificate, you have the opportunity of writing them during your IJMB exam without necessarily writing another WAEC, NECO, GCE or NABTEB. So I think is a plus one for you
Till now, IJMB doesn’t have official website all their university programs are being listed on the ABU website Any website claiming that they are official IJMB website are FRAUDSTERS, and you need to run away from them as fast as possible. And never pay any money/ school fees to personal bank account, that is the easiest way to run from them
No, IJMB is an impact you will forever felt in all through your lifetime. Because when you go through it, most things you will be thought in your year one and two, will mostly be like a revision to you. If later you don’t get admission with it, is never being a waste. But, you can have my words that the possibility of you being admitted through IJMB in Nigeria institutions is very much higher than using JAMB. Trust my words for that, I have being in this IJMB for few years now. I have reached a point where someone will just come up and say I don’t know what I’m saying
IJMB doesn’t expire anymore.
Click the link for our online registration portal
Yes, IJMB is as real as your universities, secondary schools.
Please send your persoanl email to or your check your spam folder in your email account
Your IJMB is issued by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and they will supervised the exams in every IJMB examination centres they have approved. So your result is not being issued by PADEC, but Ahmadu Bello University
Yes, it’s allowed. For the school fees, you are allowed to pay it like up to two times. >> The least you can start with is #50,000 for the school fees alone, then balance up before the quarter session of the programme, #35,000 for the hostel fees and we expect you to have paid for your form fee separately. Before you come in, we also expect you to have printed the form online, fill and scan then send it to us via our email address at
Your scanned passport, you will use it when you are filling the form online, and a scanned of your O’level result (WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB) if you are not using awaiting result. If you are using awaiting result just indicate when filling the form
Your textbooks and IJMB past questions. Soon I will list the textbooks you need for an IJMB program and the prices, and whether you can have them cheaper at your place or here in Ilorin. If you can have them cheaper at your place, that’s good for you, that means you can start reading them before you come downYou need to come with your ‘student mattress’ food items and other necessary personal belongings
Personally, the percent rate of people passing IJMB are much higher than any other exams despite being seen as very difficult. Every year at least 70% of people writing the examination do have up to 8 to 14 points while at least 88% do have the minimum points admittable to Nigerian universities which is 6 points. Just like I have always tell students, be sure of what you are coming down for, don’t come in a way that when we start asking you questions you are not even sure of what you want for yourselves.
Yes, in fact we do advise our students to do so, at least it help them to kill two birds with a stone.
Very few students know about IJMB, I think every year ABU Zaria registered less than 20,000 IJMB students comparing to JAMB that over 1.5 million students sat down for it annually. Comparing to universities, over 95 percent of federal universities accept IJMB including states while we all know that all universities accept JAMB but comparing the them, I’m sure you can figure out the possibility

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